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Undergraduate Departments

Following Undergraduate Departments are available in St.Xavier's College, Simdega

The college is an Affiliated College of Ranchi University. It offers Undergraduate (B.A./B.Com. Honours ) Courses under the faculty of Arts, Commerce. Besides this it also offers Professional & Vocational programmes.

Undergraduate Arts

  • B.A. English
  • Department of English

    The Department of English is one of the premier departments of the college. The department is supported by a committed team of professors who aim at effectively delivering a course in English, which is renowned for uniformly maintaining its standards of academic excellence over the years. The quality of students in the undergraduate programme is commendable. of texts, authors, movements, literary trends, theories and schools of criticism. It encompasses a study of the history of English Literature together with intense analysis of representative works of eminent authors, dramatists and poets such as Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, Pope, Jane Austen, Dickens, Shaw, Romantic, Victorian and modern poets. The final semester offers courses in specialized areas such as Modern fiction, poetry and drama together with American Literature. Strategies of teaching include lecture method, audio-visual techniques, student seminars, term papers and class discussions. This course is a full time course. The duration is for three years programme leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor in English. (B.A. English Honours). Limited seats are available in each subsidiary subject. Hence one may not get the desired subsidiary subject as the selection will be done on merit basis.

  • B.A. Hindi
  • Department of Hindi

    The Hindi Department. along with its academic programme conduct. Hindi is our national language and it is spoken and understood by majority of Indians. It is also helpful in marketing, public relations and other jobs. Keeping these in mind we organize at least one monthly intra-college event related to the language like poetry-recitation, essay-writing, debates etc.This course is a full time course. The duration is for three years programme leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor in Hindi. (B.A. Hindi Honours)

  • B.A. Economics
  • Department of Economics

    The Department of Economics includes 5 faculty whose research covers most major areas of modern economics. We are committed to the complementary goals of providing high-quality undergraduate education and producing high-quality economic research. The goal of our curriculum is to help students develop an understanding of how individuals, organizations and societies make the choices that determine how an economy’s scarce resources are allocated among alternative uses, and the consequences of those decisions. Nearly two-thirds of all Xavierian graduates take our introductory course. For students interested in a deeper understanding of the discipline, we offer courses that teach the theoretical tools of economics, and applied elective courses that demonstrate how economists use these tools to study a wide variety of real-world economic issues.

  • B.A. History
  • Department of History

    History, like other disciplines is a growing subject and perspectives and interpretations tend to change with new theories, new methods of analysis, availability of new sources and changing contexts. The last five decades have seen the growth of new areas of historical study such as environment, women, urbanization, population, agrarian system, trade and a host of other areas. It is important therefore, to incorporate the new areas of historical interest in the syllabus.The three year B.A. History Honours /Core programme provides a wide range of ideas and concepts that cut across disciplinary boundaries.This course is a full time course. The duration is for three years programme leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor in History. (B.A. History Honours)

  • B.A. Political Science
  • Department of Political Science

    The department of Political Science is a part of the glorious heritage of St. Xavier's College. As a community of Students and Faculty, the Department is committed to academic freedom and equal access to education. The department of Political Science is adequately staffed with highly competent faculty. Three out of five members have been awarded their Doctoral Degree and others are in the process of completing their work. The competency of the faculty is proved every year by virtue of the results of the students and the placements they receive at the National as well as International level.

  • B.A. Geography
  • Department of Geography

    Study in Geography is divided into four major thematic areas: Human Geography, Physical Geography, People-Environment, Cartography/GIS. In addition, students may focus on Area Studies and Global Systems as part of one of the thematic areas. The Geography Department faculty serves in prominent positions both within the college and in our larger professional communities. Our faculty have been recognized both by the university and within our profession.We are also proud of the accomplishments of our graduates, many of whom have gone on to prominence within government, industry, and academia.The Department of Geography offers undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programme in Geography.

Undergraduate Commerce

  • B.Com. Commerce
  • Department of Commerce

    The Department of commerce at St. Xavier's College enjoys a pre-eminent reputation for the excellence of its teaching in this dynamic discipline. It ranks alongside the most highly-rated departments in commerce among the undergraduate colleges of this state. From a very humble beginning, today it is the biggest department of the college catering to more than 3000 students. Our academic program is of the highest caliber because we believe in the transformative power of ideas. Our faculty, and diverse student body from various social walks of life, all contribute towards the same purpose: to maintain the department's excellent reputation in education at the cutting edge of economic, institutional and organizational aspects of commerce.